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Professional Church Worker Conference

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Saturday, May 25, 2024 at 9 AM

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All Atlantic District Ministers of Religion—Ordained and Ministers of Religion—Commissioned


DCE Dr. Heath Lewis Concordia University, St. Paul


"Bridging the Gap: Lessons from Gen Z Lutherans who Stayed"

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Bridging the Gap: Lessons from Gen Z Lutherans who Stayed

The Christian Church has long functioned as an integral institution in American culture. In recent years, however, the Church has experienced a significant shift in trust and engagement as more people embrace a post-Christian worldview. This rapidly changing cultural landscape makes understanding the unique experiences of emerging adult generations in the Church critical. Through illuminating interviews with young adults from Generation Z who maintained their connection with the Church into adulthood, we learn valuable lessons about their experiences with the Church and its leadership, and how these experiences influence their involvement with the Church. Join this captivating journey into the lives of today’s young adults, and gain insights and actionable recommendations to foster stronger connections between ministry leaders and today’s emerging adults.

DCE Dr. Heath Lewis joined the faculty at Concordia University, St. Paul, in Fall 2015. As Assistant Professor of Christian Education & Leadership, Dr. Lewis teaches courses in the Christian Ministry major and is working to reinvigorate the historically strong Christian Education programs at CSP. He also serves as the instructor of the Quantitative Research Methods course in CSP’s Doctorate in Education (EdD) program.

Prior to coming to CSP,

Dr. Lewis served as the Director of Christian Education at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (Edmond, OK), where he led the congregation’s parish education, youth ministry, communication, and more for nearly 10 years.

Outside the classroom, Dr. Lewis can often be found in the crowd at a concert or sporting event. He is an avid fan of Irish rock band U2, and is passionate about cheering on his favorite sports teams, including Tottenham Hotspur FC (EPL), Minnesota United FC (MLS), and Gonzaga Bulldogs (NCAA). Dr. Lewis is also a devoted pen collector, with a fountain pen collection in the triple-digits. Above all, Dr. Lewis loves spending time with his wife and daughter.